Friday, October 17, 2014

Vidicom's Citybuzz Now On Subways in NYC

Vidicom to create branded content for straphangers

Yesterday, Citybuzz, which is owned by Vidicom,  joined Transit Wireless at New World Stages in the Theatre District for the kickoff press conference and party.
Citybuzz is now popping up on mobile devices in NYC subways as the landing page for 2.6 million daily strap-hangers as part of the Transit Wireless free NYC Subway WiFi roll out. As the content provider of Transit Wireless Wi-Fi, Citybuzz produces a daily video minute showing commuters what’s hot in the city, from shows, and events, to great deals around town.

Citybuzz minutes will include native advertising as one of the largest branded content opportunities on a Wi-Fi platform.

We’re broadcasting thanks to the completion of a major expansion of wireless and Wi-FI service in subway stations, extending underground connectivity to 11 new Manhattan stations and 29 more in Queens, and connecting a total of 47 million riders monthly. The completion of Phases I and II are part of seven phases to wire all 277 underground stations by 2017, and work ahs already begin to bring another 39 stations online by spring 2015.
Citybuzz is a mobile WiFi broadcast platform powered by Vidicom that curates the best of NYC broadcasting content on mobile WiFi systems in subways, hotels, and taxis. Citybuzz provides short daily updates that reach more than 52 million viewers monthly created by a team of journalists combing the web to find the hottest concerts, restaurants, bars, and events in your city.
In attendance at the kick off press event and party, in addition to Transit Wireless, were representatives from the companies involved in the undertaking:
Wireless Partners included AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. The first advertiser to be featured was Royal Caribbean. Citybuzz, obviously, is the Advertising Sponsor, and other sponsors included Corning, PCTEL, Grabyar, Presidio, Solid, VComm, and Motorola Solutions.

At the party, Vidicom and Citybuzz’s CEO Christy Ferer went on stage to accept an award for Citybuzz and Vidicom’s participation in the groundbreaking and monumental expansion of wireless service for New York City’s hardworking, bold, stylish, and creative strap hangers.
New York State Governor Cuomo even got involved with the preceedings! He issued a press release announcing the expansion. Read it here
In addition to WiFi, Citybuzz also curates the best of New York City broadcasting for Taxis, Hotels, Web, and TV. We currently reach over 52 million monthly viewers - and we’re growing.

Our team of Citybuzz and Vidicom journalists combs the web daily to put together an insider’s guide to NYC - from the hottest concerts, to tracking down where your favorite TV series is shooting, or where that elusive food truck is today.

Citybuzz is also devoted to bringing you the latest in Broadway openings and preview clips. Citybuzz programming can also be found in 1500 luxury hotels nationally, reaching 7.4 million monthly viewers. In New York City, Citybuzz airs on NYC TV, reaching over 1.5 million viewers in the New York area. It is also featured on the Jacob Javits Center’s 70 plasma screens, the 600 foot jumbotron, and

Read a great press release about Vidicom here

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  1. I had corporate events here back in May last year and I felt like it was a perfect day for us! Plus all of us dressed up only added to the entire ambience.