Monday, September 29, 2014

Vidicom's Marketing Manager Charlie Presents the Best Pizza in New York!

Vidicom Loves Pizza - Do You?

I’ve lived in this fair city and worked at Vidicom for close to 15 months now, and in my time here I’ve eaten plenty of pizza. I like to think of myself as a pizza connoisseur, you see, and I don’t take this business very lightly.

I grew up on Long Island, an area with reputable pizza. I then moved upstate, to Albany, a city that wins awards for trying really hard with their pizza. However, they just couldn't get it right. 

When I moved to Manhattan, I was expecting the pizza to be good, but I can honestly say that the hype is fully warranted! 

Now, don’t think that my pizza has to be fancy - because that couldn’t be any farther from the truth my good friend.  I am equally happy grabbing a slice on a paper plate as I walk home from a wonderful and mentally stimulating workday at Vidicom’s Sky Terrace Studios as I am to sit down at a fancy restaurant with a bottle of wine and a gourmet pie.

To be quite honest, my favorite slice of pizza is the white slice at Joe’s Pizza in Union Square. I know the original location is in the Village (they filmed scenes from Spiderman there!), but I live close to this spot and often will stop in on my walk home from the L train. 

There aren't many things in this world more pleasurable than strolling off the train after a day closing deals at Vidicom, taking my time as I walk down the block, popping into Joe's Pizza, and walking out with a white slice and a fountain Coke. Sure, I could get a slice for $1 down the block, but that's blasphemy! Pure blasphemy, comrade, and I won't entertain another second of it. Believe you me when I say that! 

Now that we've gotten the simple pleasure slice out of the way, it's time that we discuss the real deal. The nitty gritty, if you will allow me to use such bold and presumptuous language. I'm talking about the granddaddy of all pizzas - the fancy restaurant pie. I try to reserve this for dinner with family, a close and trusted friend, or a date with someone I really like. Now that I think about it, if the Vidicom team rewarded good work with Motorino, I'd be employee of the month year round!

My favorite pie of this nature is the Brussels sprout and pancetta slice from Motorino. The East Village Motorino is right on 12th street, where I live, so I go way more than my wallet - or waistline - can afford. But can you blame me? 

The juxtoposition of:
  • The crispy and salty pancetta that is oh so sinful
  • The perfectly roasted Brussels (I can't believe as a kid you had to force me to eat my veggies!)
  • The thick and fluffy dough that has been the demise of better men than me
  • The fior de latte that makes sweet, sweet tears of happiness pour down my bearded cheeks 
is really just more than I can bear. After every bite, I need to pause briefly and take in the subtle yet magnificent blend of flavors.
What's your favorite pizza in New York? Let Vidicom know with a comment!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fashion Week with Vidicom Account Executive Kristin!

Vidicom's Kristin relays her fashion week account

Wow!  Fashion Week is over, but what a week last week was for me.  This City that we love so much was definitely buzzing with glitz, glamour and style.  For work, I went and rubbed shoulders at both the Charlotte Ronson and Nicole Miller runway shows.  It was my first time backstage – let me tell you the energy was intoxicating and electric.  You really don’t realize how much effort goes into putting on a show until you see all the nuances and happenings in the back of the house.

Up next for me was a second row seat at the Christian Siriano show on Saturday.  This former Project Runway contestant totally nailed his show and completely surpassed my expectations.  His designs were ethereal with soft, spring colors.  As SWAG I took home his new signature scent –and I LOVE it. Vidicom Stylin!

On Tuesday, after work at Vidicom, I went to the Barclays Center (more on that in a bit) for the live Fashion Rocks show, broadcast on CBS.  The show was so well produced and the talent lined up was fantastic.  My favorite of the night was JLo signing “Booty” and, man did she shake her booty.  The crowd was on their feet her entire performance.  Also, I quite enjoyed Duran Duran (my first time seeing them) and Afrojack doing a medley of hits – it was unique and fresh.  As far as the Barclays Center, it was my first time there so I didn’t really know what to expect.   The arena is top-notch and beautiful – it even has a barbershop!

This last weekend I spent at one of my favorite hotels in NYC, the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park.  I used to live in lower Manhattan, so perhaps I romanticize about the area, but the Ritz has the best beds and the club level lounge is always the way to go.  With the club level, you get breakfast, lunch and appetizers so you might spend more on the room but you don’t have to spend money on food.  Well, you do if you go to a trendy dinner like we did on Saturday (9/13).  We went to the village and checked out the new, hot spot Omar’s.  The food was good and the place was packed, so all in all, it was fun staying up late. 

Up next for me, tonight after a Vidicom workday  I am headed to the premiere and after party for Fox’s highly acclaimed new series, Gotham.  The coolest part is the premiere and party are being held at the New York Public Library…looking forward to experiencing the library in an entertainment setting. 

Just like Citybuzz, my last few weeks have been busy.  More to come next time…

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Esquire Magazine's Style Guide at Vidicom

Wendell Brown Shows Us the Hottest Looks for Fall

Today, we were thrilled to have Esquire Magazine's Senior Fashion Editor drop by Vidicom's Sky Terrace Studios. Wendell dropped by to share his picks for Fall's best looks for guys.

Being on trend and looking stylish isn’t just for the ladies! Fall is here which means it’s time for guys to start getting serious about their fall wardrobes. Expert Wendell Brown stopped by to gives us some tips on how to look cool and chic this autumn! Wendell is the Senior Fashion editor at Esquire Magazine and has worked with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and more!

Start with the basics. Hanes fleece hoodies are warm without being bulky, super soft and tagless for comfort and available for the whole family at mass retailers nationwide or at

Guys, stay cool and confident this fall with the help of Gillette Clear Gel Antiperspirant. With just two swipes of the dial and a quick 10 seconds of drying time, you can keep looking and smelling fresh all season long. The Vidicom team uses Gillette to stay cool and dry when meeting tough deadlines!

For the guy on-the-go Dockers’ has the perfect piece for you. The Pacific On the Go Khaki is versatile and comfortable. Great to take from work to play, while looking classic and sharp. Sebastian, Vidicom's VP Sales, loves Dockers!

It's always a pleasure to have Wendell around - he really brightens up the place with his effortless style. The boys on the Vidicom team are always happy when he comes around because they end up looking a bit sharper every time!

We read a great article today by Joshua Benton at NiemanLab about the importance of native advertising in today's media landscape. To quote:

Why is native advertising so appealing to publishers? Let’s start with the obvious: money. You may have heard that a lot of news companies are in need of it. Native attracts significantly higher rates than most other forms of digital advertising; The Guardian announced its Unilever “partnership” as a seven-figure deal. (Estimating the size of the native ad market is complicated by the fact few agree on what the boundaries of “native” really are. BIA/Kelsey predicts it’ll be a $4.6 billion market by 2017.)

Publishers also love native advertising because it plays to their strengths. Before the web, a newspaper could sell businesses on an amorphous idea of its “audience” and the idea that putting ads near stories would somehow, fuzzily, equal impact. And even today, most news organizations have only the broadest idea of what makes one online reader different from another.

Vidicom, obviously, is a huge fan of the native advertising strategy, and it seems like native advertising is here to stay!

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