Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Trip Down Memory Lane from Citybuzz Content Director: Eva

Another week, another peak at an employer who is on FLEEK (we just learned this new term at Vidicom).  This week we celebrated Andie's birthday who turned 23!  We had a nice celebration with cake and she was quite happy with her gifts.  As we prepare for the fun upcoming SMT's we thought we would switch it up and hear from a member of the Citybuzz team!   This week have Eva who is in charge of all the Citybuzz/Vidicom videos you see in the subway!  So take it away Eva!!

Hi All!   I'm Eva and I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and talk about my past and how I got into the incredible business of production.  It all started when I was 5 and was asked to play Nala from The Lion King.  I accepted this position with open paws.  Seeing as this was my favorite movie at the time, this was a dream come true.  The day of the play came and I was so excited to strut the tigress in me.  As the curtains opened and I saw the crowd, I knew right then and there that I wanted to be apart of this.  Whether it be in front of the crowd or behind the scenes, I wanted everything to do with the entertainment industry.

After doing a variety of plays throughout my life including Aladdin, Gone with the Wind and of course Peter Pan.  I finally found my niche when I was 17 and started doing editing and production.   
I was asked to help the film department edit a PSA on driving fast in the school parking lot.  I LOVED the fact that I was able to cut and splice things and add music to videos but most of all that these videos would be seen by all my peers.  In fact the video I created helped the staff and students say safe from the "Jeff Gordon's" at our school.

From there I went to school to study both editing/production and theater.    This was a dream come true to not only get in front of the camera but to edit videos as well.  During my junior year I did one of my favorite videos while I was abroad in Australia.  This was a fun video for the local zoo about kangaroos.  In this we were able to interact with the gentile creatures and share some fun facts about them.  Fun fact....they can not jump backwards, so if your ever getting chased just stand behind them!! But this video was (and still is) played throughout the zoo!

Now a days, I have the honor of making the videos seen by millions everyday in the subway.  These
"Citybuzz minutes" tell you what is happening in and around the city! So, before I take a bow, I want to make sure you all take the time to watch the videos next time you are in the NYC subway!  Also, if you would like to see examples check out both and  or see the video below!!  Until next time....thats all folks!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This week at Vidicom + Tales from Andie

Another week in the books here at Vidicom!  This week we had another fun SMT with some great clients.  This week we had Laura DeAngelis come in and share some tips on "Feeling Fit, Fun and Fab for the New Year!"   She shared some great tips and showcased some fun products that will definitely help to get those resolutions on track!  One of team members did an extraordinary great job this week and always makes sure everything runs smoothly.  This week you get to hear from Andi who is also celebrating a big birthday next week!  Take it away!

Hi all, Andie here!  I am on the production team here at Vidicom. When I am not booking shows, talking to clients, and running the production floor, you can find me having a classy cocktail with my friends, answering texts on my fit bracelet, and of course planning my big birthday!

Next week, I will turn 23 years young!  I am very excited to celebrate with friends, family and my Vidicom pals.  Though I am happy with the plans I made on my special day...of course I wish I could be traveling.  I would like to use this time to share some of my favorite birthday memories!  The first, is when I was 12 my family and I went to sea world to see my favorite animal.....seals.  Though I was never sure what they did besides balance balls on their nose, their cuteness alone captured my heart.  Now a days I know that there are 18 species of seals and I must say.....I love them all.  Anyway, on my 12th birthday we went to Sea World and spent the day with the seals and saw an amazing show.  I still have the stuffed animal from that day (which I named Paul) and still has a special place on my shelf.  

The next one would have to be my sweet 16!  Me and my 3 closest friends (Shouts to Martha, Kerri and Wila) spend a long weekend with my aunt Mary in Paris!!  This was so much fun and we talk about it all the time.  Upon arrival we had a cake made by the best place in paris.  This cake was a coffee ice cream cake and had Oreos on the about #heaven.  The next day we walked around and did lots of touristy things and saw all the sights.  Of course being girls....we also did a lot of shopping.  We had the best slumber party of all time and even saw some famous people.  The year was 2007 and this was around the time when Akon was topping the charts.  At this time he was sining my favorite song and 2007 club hit "Don't Matter" if it was fate we happened to walk into the Gucci store and there he was!   We started to sing  "Nobody wanna see us together, but it don't matter noooo" and he smiled and waved and responded "Cause I got you."   You can image that we nearly fainted and that image is imprinted in my brain.  

Finally, we come to this year.  Regardless of what Blink 182 says...everyone likes you when your 23!   This year me and my friends are going to hit the NYC bars and singing all the hit songs.  Even though Akon and Paul wont be going me, they will be with me in spirit.  I look forward to adding this birthday to the list of epic and amazing days and living it up in 2015.  Stay tuned for more great stories from our Vidicom team...coming soon!!

First Full Week at Vidicom of 2015!

Though the weather has been cold...things are heating up here at Vidicom!  We had a great first (full) week of 2015 and one of our team members is going to speak about his experience and his weekend plans!  Take it away Ben!

Hi All!  We started 2015 off with a bang here at Vidicom!  We had a very successful week which included two SMT's from some very fun clients.  As usual, our production team did a great job and had everything run smoothly so these were† not only fun but everyone was happy.  It really brings me joy to see how well we all work together and see the smiles on our clients faces.  Additionally, we have a new member on our production team (who I'm sure you will hear more from soon) but it was nice to see how fast she caught on.

Our first SMT was called "Reinvent Yourself in the New Year" and was hosted by expert Valerie Greenberg.  She showed us some great ways and products to help kick off the new year and help achieve some of our goals.  This segment showcased Planet Fitness, Jimmy Dean and Coke which taught us to eat healthy and showed us a great gym to get our swell on!

After a fun filled weeks of SMT's it was time for the weekend!  This weekend I had plans to go snowboarding in New Jersey.  It's been a while since I have been on the slopes, shreddin the fresh pow (gotta love that snow lingo).  Me and my friend Tim started on the bunny hills to get the hang of it.  Tim has been snowboarding since he was a young lad so this was nothing to him.  For me on the other hand it was quite hard.  I think I spent more time on the ground than I did actually moving!  Luckily, I was able to watch Tim tear up the park as he normally does.  Being that he competed in the X games a few years ago he was recognized by a couple of the younger riders.   Overall, it was a fun day and got to spend time with an old friend.  I am ready to come back to Vidicom with all my bumps and bruises!

Till next time!!