Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Trip Down Memory Lane from Citybuzz Content Director: Eva

Another week, another peak at an employer who is on FLEEK (we just learned this new term at Vidicom).  This week we celebrated Andie's birthday who turned 23!  We had a nice celebration with cake and she was quite happy with her gifts.  As we prepare for the fun upcoming SMT's we thought we would switch it up and hear from a member of the Citybuzz team!   This week have Eva who is in charge of all the Citybuzz/Vidicom videos you see in the subway!  So take it away Eva!!

Hi All!   I'm Eva and I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and talk about my past and how I got into the incredible business of production.  It all started when I was 5 and was asked to play Nala from The Lion King.  I accepted this position with open paws.  Seeing as this was my favorite movie at the time, this was a dream come true.  The day of the play came and I was so excited to strut the tigress in me.  As the curtains opened and I saw the crowd, I knew right then and there that I wanted to be apart of this.  Whether it be in front of the crowd or behind the scenes, I wanted everything to do with the entertainment industry.

After doing a variety of plays throughout my life including Aladdin, Gone with the Wind and of course Peter Pan.  I finally found my niche when I was 17 and started doing editing and production.   
I was asked to help the film department edit a PSA on driving fast in the school parking lot.  I LOVED the fact that I was able to cut and splice things and add music to videos but most of all that these videos would be seen by all my peers.  In fact the video I created helped the staff and students say safe from the "Jeff Gordon's" at our school.

From there I went to school to study both editing/production and theater.    This was a dream come true to not only get in front of the camera but to edit videos as well.  During my junior year I did one of my favorite videos while I was abroad in Australia.  This was a fun video for the local zoo about kangaroos.  In this we were able to interact with the gentile creatures and share some fun facts about them.  Fun fact....they can not jump backwards, so if your ever getting chased just stand behind them!! But this video was (and still is) played throughout the zoo!

Now a days, I have the honor of making the videos seen by millions everyday in the subway.  These
"Citybuzz minutes" tell you what is happening in and around the city! So, before I take a bow, I want to make sure you all take the time to watch the videos next time you are in the NYC subway!  Also, if you would like to see examples check out both and  or see the video below!!  Until next time....thats all folks!!!

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