Wednesday, January 14, 2015

First Full Week at Vidicom of 2015!

Though the weather has been cold...things are heating up here at Vidicom!  We had a great first (full) week of 2015 and one of our team members is going to speak about his experience and his weekend plans!  Take it away Ben!

Hi All!  We started 2015 off with a bang here at Vidicom!  We had a very successful week which included two SMT's from some very fun clients.  As usual, our production team did a great job and had everything run smoothly so these were† not only fun but everyone was happy.  It really brings me joy to see how well we all work together and see the smiles on our clients faces.  Additionally, we have a new member on our production team (who I'm sure you will hear more from soon) but it was nice to see how fast she caught on.

Our first SMT was called "Reinvent Yourself in the New Year" and was hosted by expert Valerie Greenberg.  She showed us some great ways and products to help kick off the new year and help achieve some of our goals.  This segment showcased Planet Fitness, Jimmy Dean and Coke which taught us to eat healthy and showed us a great gym to get our swell on!

After a fun filled weeks of SMT's it was time for the weekend!  This weekend I had plans to go snowboarding in New Jersey.  It's been a while since I have been on the slopes, shreddin the fresh pow (gotta love that snow lingo).  Me and my friend Tim started on the bunny hills to get the hang of it.  Tim has been snowboarding since he was a young lad so this was nothing to him.  For me on the other hand it was quite hard.  I think I spent more time on the ground than I did actually moving!  Luckily, I was able to watch Tim tear up the park as he normally does.  Being that he competed in the X games a few years ago he was recognized by a couple of the younger riders.   Overall, it was a fun day and got to spend time with an old friend.  I am ready to come back to Vidicom with all my bumps and bruises!

Till next time!!

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