Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Holidays and Bring on 2015!

It has been a fun and successful year here at Vidicom!  To end the year right, we all gathered together in the conference room and had a delightful lunch and exchanged gifts for Secret Santa.  Our newest employee Ryan got a chance to describe the day and a look into 2015.

Hi All!  My name is Ryan and I am the newest employee at Vidicom/Citybuzz!  I came here with a marketing background and a variety of sales and PR experience.  I was happily welcomed to the company by everyone here and has been great learning about the company.  In the past couple weeks I have experienced a variety of SMT's and got to meet some really fun and talented people.   In one week we had both Coach K and the "man of steel" himself....Mr. Dean Kean.  As excepted, (like all of our experts)  they were very professional and passionate about the brands and people they were representing.   It was a pleasure to work with them and we look forward to working with them again soon!

Ipastably Delicious

Our holiday party included sharing memories from the year, our plans for the holidays and new years and of course great food.  Everyone, (especially me) was excited to go home and see their friends and family.  The holidays are especially exciting for me since all my childhood friends come home. From California to New Jersey and literally every state in between (even Arkansas) my friends all make the trip home to celebrate the holidays.  This means we all get together and catch up and share some fun stories.  Overall, it was a great time home and at our holiday party and I hope everyone had a great break!

Looking forward into 2015, the Vidicom team and I are excited for the upcoming tours and working with a variety of clients!  We kick off 2015 with the "Reinvent Yourself In The New Year" tour and are very excited to start the new year with a bang! Speaking of this tour...I am creating some resolutions myself.  My list begins with getting beach body ready, eating healthier and working hard!  Vidicom and I hope everyone had a great holiday and have a safe and happy new year!  Cheers!!

If you would like to see any additional tours in 2015, reach out to one of our incredible sales associates and they will happily send you our calendar!

More to come from your friends at Vidicom!

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Thanksgiving Story from our newest intern: Shanice John

Well folks, another Thanksgiving has passed by and while everyone was either wrestling with the bird or meticulously making pie crusts, I took the easy way out this year! Now it should be noted before I continue that I absolutely, unequivocally stink at making a Turkey dinner! This unfortunate predicament is consequent of my upbringing on the warm tropical island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, where a cooked turkey is not as celebrated as it is here in the USA. I’ve never seem a live turkey matter of fact!   So do understand how overwhelmed I become when my friends or family here in NYC ask to help bake the bird!

This year was no exception!  My younger brother Denzil informed me that he would be home for Thanksgiving, he serves in the United States Marine Corp, and if you know anything about military men you’ll know that they can eat so the pressure was on to prepare a good meal. The turkeys came out in full force and mocked me from their frigid shelves at the local grocery, the cranberries rolled in and the sweet potatoes reminded me of fries rather that pie. The restaurants on our Citybuzz spots started looking like better options. Never has a bird unraveled my sanity like this!

My saving grace came in the form of a SMT at Vidicom! Who knew the secret to my dream turkey was sitting in our production room rehearsing. Yup, it was my first time watching a production rehearsal for one of our Satellite Media Tour’s and though I sat in to learn the ropes (yep, I’m new here at Vidicom) I learned one more piece of vital info… I can buy my turkey cooked! It was pretty simple, ridiculously simple! And since we’re at it, why stop there, I could buy the whole shebang; pie, turkey, stuffing, and even the mashed potatoes!!!

I was getting excited for Thanksgiving; I had an Insta-worthy dinner! My dinner was going to have more selfies that Kim Kardashian! I was quite pleased with my plans until my brother called 5 days before the holiday with one more request: can you make Lasagna? I don’t want Turkey!
And so our family had meat Lasagna and a fresh salad for Thanksgiving, watched Transformers 4 the movie and we were all quite content with ourselves as well as our Thanksgiving holiday. It might sound cliché but it’s not always about what you do for the holidays but rather spending it with the people you care about. 

More to come from your friends at Vidicom!