Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Esquire Magazine's Style Guide at Vidicom

Wendell Brown Shows Us the Hottest Looks for Fall

Today, we were thrilled to have Esquire Magazine's Senior Fashion Editor drop by Vidicom's Sky Terrace Studios. Wendell dropped by to share his picks for Fall's best looks for guys.

Being on trend and looking stylish isn’t just for the ladies! Fall is here which means it’s time for guys to start getting serious about their fall wardrobes. Expert Wendell Brown stopped by to gives us some tips on how to look cool and chic this autumn! Wendell is the Senior Fashion editor at Esquire Magazine and has worked with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and more!

Start with the basics. Hanes fleece hoodies are warm without being bulky, super soft and tagless for comfort and available for the whole family at mass retailers nationwide or at

Guys, stay cool and confident this fall with the help of Gillette Clear Gel Antiperspirant. With just two swipes of the dial and a quick 10 seconds of drying time, you can keep looking and smelling fresh all season long. The Vidicom team uses Gillette to stay cool and dry when meeting tough deadlines!

For the guy on-the-go Dockers’ has the perfect piece for you. The Pacific On the Go Khaki is versatile and comfortable. Great to take from work to play, while looking classic and sharp. Sebastian, Vidicom's VP Sales, loves Dockers!

It's always a pleasure to have Wendell around - he really brightens up the place with his effortless style. The boys on the Vidicom team are always happy when he comes around because they end up looking a bit sharper every time!

We read a great article today by Joshua Benton at NiemanLab about the importance of native advertising in today's media landscape. To quote:

Why is native advertising so appealing to publishers? Let’s start with the obvious: money. You may have heard that a lot of news companies are in need of it. Native attracts significantly higher rates than most other forms of digital advertising; The Guardian announced its Unilever “partnership” as a seven-figure deal. (Estimating the size of the native ad market is complicated by the fact few agree on what the boundaries of “native” really are. BIA/Kelsey predicts it’ll be a $4.6 billion market by 2017.)

Publishers also love native advertising because it plays to their strengths. Before the web, a newspaper could sell businesses on an amorphous idea of its “audience” and the idea that putting ads near stories would somehow, fuzzily, equal impact. And even today, most news organizations have only the broadest idea of what makes one online reader different from another.

Vidicom, obviously, is a huge fan of the native advertising strategy, and it seems like native advertising is here to stay!

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