Friday, October 10, 2014

Family life as told by Vidicom’s Shirin!

Vidicom’s Shirin talks about what she’s been up to lately with her girls

The Pictures are In!!! Class of 2015, woohoo!!!! As a parent, when you see these pics, it can be very emotional, or is that just me!! I'm happy for these moments, because it prepares you for the actual Graduation day. Not!!! I'm going to have a boat load of tears. The greatest unbelief, I'm sure most parents, say where did all the time go? It happens all too fast. I must say, we've had a great time, flying through the years. I'm so happy she isn;t having 'Senioritis", her interims, are looking really impressive. Maybe one day she can join the Vidicom team!

This weekend we got to celebrate, my oldest daughter, Z's, 20th Birthday. Her choice was to hang out with her Best girlfriend, shopping, movies, and dancing until the clock struck 12!! She actually got in past 2 am, sober and exhausted. Hey, what do you expect from a 3rd year College student! Just glad she brought the special day in with a good bang. The actual birthday, was reserved for cupcakes and an early dinner at a local restaurant with the family. Surely, it will be a great momentous birthday, but she tells me, that's she's ready for Miami for the 21st!! We will SEE what the Crystal ball says!! I wish she would bring some of her cupcakes to the Vidicom office!

Vidicom loves ordering cupcakes - we have them for birthdays for our wonderful staff. It's always a welcome break in the day's action when we can sit down around the conference room table, share a laugh, and dig into some scrumptious pint-sized cakes! My favorite type of cupcake would have to be red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, but you won't see me complaining if all we have is chocolate, vanilla, or banana cream pie! But to be honest, I can't have too many of them. What, do you think this figure was an accident?

 One of her passions, playing defense!!! But it's amazing when a defensive player, scores a GOAL!!! Alright, Sanaa!! Pretty Awesome!! We should start a Vidicom intramural team, she could be a captain!

Soccer really is a great sport - it's always wonderful to see the kids running across the field, getting exercise and learning the value of teamwork. As evident by the hardworking, intelligent, and successful staff at Vidicom, teamwork is an important part of any productive office. The way our sales, marketing, production, operations, and finance teams work together to produce cost-effective, compelling, and beautiful products is truly a sight to be seen!

Time to wind down!!! Soccer game is over, so we have a late afternoon spontaneous picnic. It was a beautiful day, nice breeze. Thankfully, the flock of geese, hung out on their side of the pond, and didn't try to overtake our relaxing spot. However, our eyes were on the lookout, just in case!! Even prettier view than from Vidicom's Sky Terrace Studios!

The best part about Vidicom's Sky Terrace Studios is the fact that it allows you a five minute escape from the busy world of media production. Sure, it's great and fulfilling to be in the mix, but once in a while it's important to take a step back and catch your breath. Getting some fresh air while taking in the breathtaking Manhattan skyline really helps ground me and put things in perspective, enabling me to be a better mother, person, friend, and employee. I can only hope I continue on this way.

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