Friday, October 2, 2015

Keeping Organized and Stress-Free with Marketing Guru PJ

As the seasons change and everyone scrambles for the holidays, it's important to have a routine for yourself to keep yourself organized, relaxed and concentrated on your goals. We asked our marketing guru, PJ, for his tips:

Hey there! PJ here! I work at Vidicom. It's amazing.

I try to get nine hours of sleep as consistently as possible, which means getting to bed as early as my schedule allows. In the morning I meditate for 20 minutes, followed by a half-hour of light weight lifting. Nothing special, just the 3-lb. ones I have laying around the house.

I spend most of my time at work making marketing one sheets. It's important to keep them loaded with interactive content so that clients can see what their getting. All of my one sheets are clickable, and play videos. It can be stressful to try to get them just right, so I keep a desktop sand garden nearby to take the anxiety away. Sometimes a lavender candle helps, too!

After work I try to get a half-hour run in, followed by another 20-minute meditation session. I try to cook my own dinner as often as possible so I can control what goes into my body, although I do indulge in the occasional pizza delivery every so often! And that's all there is to it! I'm 69 years old, but I have the vitality of a teenager. If you take these steps and hold to them, I'm sure you could start to feel the benefits immediately.

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