Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This week at Vidicom: Music from John in Production

This week at Vidicom we had a visit from our friends over at Purell!  They stopped in for a solo tour to showcase their products!  They were a thrill to have around and it was great to learn more about their amazing products.   Additionally, this week we are hearing from Vidicom's own: John!  John works on the production team and gets to be behind the scenes for all of our wonderful SMT's!  John is going to tell us about his week and what to look forward to next here at Vidicom!  John... the floor is yours!

Hi All! My name is John and I work in the production department here at Vidicom.  As mentioned the production and sales team had a great tour with Purell and really learned a lot plus got to the science behind this amazing product.  Though I was not apart of this particular shoot, my team told me all about it and said it went great!   As for me, I am working on our upcoming tours and very excited to see all the fun clients and talent that we have coming in.

Besides all the fun I am having at work, I was fortunate enough to go see one of my favorite rappers this weekend!   After work I went to go see a rapper named "Action Bronson" a rapper from Queens who has been becoming more and more popular.  Before Action was a rapper he was a cook and chef cooking up some great meals and dishes.  Now a days, he just cooks up sly rhymes and sweet beats.  He switched to rap after he broke his leg in the kitchen after slipping on a wet floor.  With all the downtime he had he was able to focus more on his art and found that he was not only good at this BUT it was something he really enjoyed.  His style is a little more unconventional that most rappers.  Instead of rapping about money, girls and cars, AB tends to focus on food and pop culture.  The concert was amazing and was everything that I dreamt of.  I am looking forward to his debut album to come out in March.

Next week, we will hear from our new intern Laquanna, who will be speaking on the upcoming Holiday....Valentine's Day and the fun SMT's we had this week!

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