Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vidicom's Steve Shapiro and Chris SanPedro Appear in Bronx Bombers Promotional Video

Vidicom superstar employees, Steve Shapiro and Chris SanPedro, appeared in a promotional video for Bronx Bombers, a new Broadway play about Yogi Berra and the Yankees. Here's a description from the official website: "As it celebrates and explores the timeless legacy of baseball's most iconic team, BRONX BOMBERS takes a fascinating look at how and why the Yankees have remained so undeniably great... and so powerfully inspirational!

Christy Ferer and Vidicom are very excited to have both Steve and Chris go out and film video content for the company.

Click the following link for the video: http://www.bronxbombersplay.com/about/#id=album-197&num=content-3637

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